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Silver 9.2kGS Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Powder BH 7-16.5MGOe

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China Qingdao Magnet Magnetic Material Co., Ltd. certification
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Silver 9.2kGS Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Powder BH 7-16.5MGOe

Silver 9.2kGS Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Powder BH 7-16.5MGOe
Silver 9.2kGS Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Powder BH 7-16.5MGOe

Large Image :  Silver 9.2kGS Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Powder BH 7-16.5MGOe

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MGT
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Model Number: MGT-Magnetic Powder
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10KG
Price: From 20USD/KG To 75USD/KG
Packaging Details: 20-25KG/Drums 1 Ton per Pallet
Delivery Time: 1-2 Weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3000KG per 1 Day

Silver 9.2kGS Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Powder BH 7-16.5MGOe

Material: Neodymium And Iron And Boron Color: Silver
Particle Size: 80-200um Br: 9.2kGS
Hcb: 4-7.2kGs Hcj: 5-13kOe
BH: 7-16.5MGOe Working Temperature: -45 °c——150 °c
High Light:

Rare Earth Magnetic Powder 16.5MGOe


9.2kGS Rare Earth Magnetic Powder


Silver 9.2kGS Permanent Magnetic Powder

Silver 9.2kGS Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Powder


Product Introduction


Rare earth magnetic powders are strong permanent magnets made of rare earth element alloys. Rare-earth magnets, developed in the 1970s and 1980s, are the strongest type of permanent magnets ever manufactured, producing much stronger magnetic fields than other types of magnets such as ferrite or alnico magnets. Rare earth magnets typically generate fields in excess of 1.2 Tesla, while ferrite or ceramic magnets typically generate fields between 0.5 and 1 Tesla.




The crystal structure of rare earth magnetic powder has high magnetic anisotropy. This means that the crystals of the material are preferentially magnetized along certain crystallographic axes, but rarely in other directions. Like other magnets, rare-earth magnets are composed of microcrystalline particles that are aligned in a strong magnetic field during manufacture so that their magnetic axes all point in the same direction. The resistance of the lattice to changing the direction of its magnetization makes these compounds very high coercive (anti-demagnetization), so strong demagnetization fields in the finished magnet do not reduce the magnetization of the material.


Atoms of rare earth elements can have high magnetic moments. Their orbital electronic structures contain many unpaired electrons; in other elements, nearly all electrons exist in pairs of opposite spins, so their magnetic fields cancel each other out, but in rare-earth elements the fields cancel each other out much less. This is a result of the incomplete filling of the f-shell, which can contain up to seven unpaired electrons. In a magnet, unpaired electrons line up so that they spin in the same direction, creating a magnetic field. This gives the material a high remanence (saturation magnetization Js). The maximum energy density B-H is proportional to J s 2 , so these materials have the potential to store large amounts of magnetic energy. The energy product B-H max of a neodymium magnet is about 18 times the volume of a "normal" magnet. This makes rare earth magnets smaller than other magnets with the same field strength.


We can provide you with a variety of magnetic powders: ferrite, Alnico, NdFeB and SmCo powders.


(1) Magnetic ferrite powder is suitable for wet or dry pressing production process to produce different grades of hard ferrite magnets. According to customer's needs, we can provide different particle size of ferrite powder, ferrite powder can be divided into isotropic ferrite powder and anisotropic ferrite powder.


(2) Alnico magnetic powder is made from Alnico magnets crushed into the required particle size. The characteristic is the small temperature coefficient of Br. This powder is mainly used as raw material for bonded magnets, plastic magnets; various samarium cobalt fault detection; magnetic printing and other high temperature sensitive fields.


3) NdFeB powder can be used in automotive industry, office automation, automobiles. DC brushed motors. Multi-pole stepper and spindle motor applications. Magnetic coatings, magnetic printable substrates, magnetic films, medical diagnostics and therapeutics, video tapes, copying toner, fingerprint recognition, sensors, fuel injectors, permanent magnets, nanoscale fluid seals, electric toys and magnetically cured products.


4) Samarium Cobalt Powder Samarium Cobalt Powder Samarium Cobalt Magnetic Powder Rare Earth Magnetic Powder Used to produce polymer bonded samarium cobalt magnets by compression molding.


Production List
Series 0806 10-8 1208 1309 1309A 1412 1507 1509 1510 1610 1609D
magnetic Powder
Br 7.00~7.20 7.60~7.75 8.10~8.30 8.40~8.55 8.5-8.7 8.45-8.65 9.2-9.45 8.85-9.1 8.85-9.1 9.05-9.2 8.85-9.2
Hcj 5.00~7.50 7.80~8.80 8.00~8.80 9.00~9.80 9-9.8 12-12.7 6.8-7.8 9.2-9.8 10-10.8 9.3-10.1 9.2-9.8
Hcb 4.30-5.00 5.20~5.60 5.80~6.30 6.20~6.80 6.2-6.8 6.7-7.2 5.5-6 6.4-6.9 6.4-6.9 6.7-7.2 6.7-7.2
(BH)max 8.80-9.30 11.70~12.10 13.00~13.80 14.20~14.80 14.2-15.1 14.4-15.2 15-16 15.5-16.3 15.5-16.3 16.5-17.5 16.5-17.5
Br 5.50~5.90 6.00~6.15 6.35~6.50 6.60~6.80 6.6-6.9 6.7-6.8 7.3-7.5 6.9-7 6.9-7 7.05-7.15 7.05-7.15
Hcj 5.00~7.50 7.80~8.80 8.00~8.80 9.00~9.80 9-9.8 12-12.7 6.8-7.8 9.2-9.8 10-10.8 9.3-10.1 9.2-9.8
Hcb 3.80~4.40 4.80~5.10 5.10~5.40 5.40~5.80 5.4-5.8 5.7-5.9 5.3-5.5 5.7-6 5.7-6 5.7-6.2 5.8-6.2
(BH)max 6.00~6.40 7.40~7.70 8.30~8.70 8.90~9.30 9-9.4 9.6-9.8 10.3-10.5 9.9-10.3 9.9-10.3 10.2-10.6 10.2-10.6

The process


The molten NdFeB alloy is sprayed onto the cooling rollers at a certain speed and instantly solidifies to form a thin strip of 0.02-0.05mm thickness. During the rapid cooling process, Nd2Fe14B structure is formed, and finally the thin strip is broken into powder


Common applications for rare earth magnets include


Computer hard disk drives

Wind turbines


Bicycle generators

MRI scanners

Fishing reel brakes

Permanent magnet motors in wireless tools

High performance AC servo motors

Traction motors and integrated starter generators in hybrid and electric vehicles

Mechanically powered flashlights that use rare earth magnets to generate electricity in a cranking or rotating (hand crank driven) motion

Industrial applications, such as maintaining product purity, equipment protection and quality control

Trapping of fine metal particles in lubricating oils (crankcases of internal combustion engines, but also gearboxes and differentials) to stop the circulation of said particles so that they cannot cause wear in moving machine parts


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